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Welcome to the ISU Adult Figure Skating Working Group web site.


The following ISU adult skating competitions will be arranged in 2017:

OBERSTDORF may 21-27, 2017

VANCOUVER, dates have nor been announced.

The 12th Oberstdorf Adult Figure Skating Competition has come to a conclusion. The 2016 competition was a success, again! Over 500 skaters/couples from 31 ISU member countries participated in the competition that lasted for six full days. This year we had all together 630 competition starts. It has been amazing to witness the dedication of adult skating community towards Oberstdorf competition, we can't thank you enough!

This event wouldn't be possible without the ISU, judges, officials, volunteers and organizing committee in Oberstdorf. Thank you All for your dedication towards adult skating.

Adult figure skating is growing by leaps and bounds. Adult skaters compete annually at the ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition in free skating, artistic free skating, ice dancing, pair skating and synchronized skating.

With the phenomenal growth of adult figure skating around the world, we have developed this site to help promote adult figure skating as well as to provide a place where adult skaters around the world can get information about the ISU Adult Figure Skating program.

We will post the information about the annual ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition as well as any updates. There are also more and more adult competitions being held around the world, so please send us your information and we’ll include a link to your site.

We also invite your comments on our guest page or you can contact us (the ISU Adult Working Group) with questions or feedback.

Yours in skating, 

Rhea S. Schwartz, Group Coordinator
ISU Adult Figure Skating Working Group

 ISU Adult Working Group Members:
Diana Barkley, Canada
John Fisher, Great Britain
Ville Penttinen, Finland

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