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2nd Vancouver Competition Coming Up !

Watch the fun and sign up by June 30, 2017

Welcome to the ISU Adult Figure Skating Working Group web site.

2016 – The Year of Vancouver!

In 2016, for the first time, the ISU supported two adult international competitions in one year.  Following the ISU Adult Skating Competition in Oberstdorf in May 2016, Vancouver, BC hosted a great competition from August 30th to September 3rd.  The first North American ISU adult competition, it hoped to attract skaters from North America and the Pacific Rim for whom getting to Oberstdorf was too difficult, and to attract skaters who just want another opportunity to compete in an ISU competition.  It succeeded on both counts!

Some two hundred and fifty skaters from17 countries - including a great group of some 23 fun-loving competitors from Mexico - gathered in a wonderful facility for 5 days of competition, following the ISU rules established for the Oberstdorf competition. 

At the Opening Ceremony, we were welcomed by the Chief and members of the Musquem First Nations, on whose tribal lands the arena sits.  That was an interesting and unique part of being in Vancouver.  Marie Lundmark, ISU Council Member and newly appointed liaison with the ISU Adult Working Group expressed her pleasure at being with us and getting to see for herself what all the excitement over adult skating is about.  Ms. Lundmark flew from Finland just to be with us and stayed for 4 of the 5 days of the competition. It was clear that she was pleased with what she saw and she has already become involved in moving adult skating forward in the ISU.  Rhea Schwartz, chair of the ISU Adult Working Group, welcomed all skaters and especially new members of the community of adult skaters – of which there were quite a few in Vancouver.

Diana Barkley, as chair of the Local Organizing Committee (also a member of the ISU Adult Working Group), the staff of Skate Canada British Columbia/Yukon Section and the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Center went the extra mile in every way possible for the competition and we are very grateful for all they did.

And the Final Banquet really rocked! In addition to a beautiful room and good food, the ABBA band was terrific and the dance floor was packed.  Dancing at the Banquet is a big part of ISU adult skating competitions.

A great competition was had by all!  We are so happy to have grown the ISU Adult Figure Skating program to 2 competitions in different parts of the world.  And we are happy to be hosting a competition again in Vancouver August 21 – 26, 2017.  Dates are soon to be finalized.  Keep your eye on the ISU website, this website and Facebook for the announcement and spread the word to all your skating friends.

Rhea S. Schwartz, Group Coordinator
ISU Adult Figure Skating Working Group

 ISU Adult Working Group Members:
Diana Barkley, Canada
John Fisher, Great Britain
Ville Penttinen, Finland

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