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Rhea Schwartz
Rhea Schwartz is the true adult skater. She started skating at age 30 in response to a friends’ dare. It soon became her passion. In 1995, she founded the Adult Skating Program for US Figure Skating and served as its first chair for five years. Read more

Diana Barkley
Canadian Ice Dancer Diana Barkley has been skating since she was a young girl. And, other than a seven-year hiatus, not a winter has gone by when she hasn’t laced up her skates and taken to the ice. Read more

John Fisher
John is a freestyle skater from the United Kingdom who took his first skating lessons at the age of 14. He has been a regular participant at adult competitions throughout Europe and North America for over ten years. Read more

Ville Penttinen
Ville has had a long skating career in synchronized skating. He skated in a top world team , Team Unique (senior), for ten years, and was the team captain for six years. Team Unique has represented Finland in numerous international ISU competitions and the ISU World Synchro Championships. Read more