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Canadian Ice Dancer Diana Barkley has been skating since she was a young girl.  And, other than a seven-year hiatus, not a winter has gone by when she hasn’t laced up her skates and taken to the ice.

In 2004, she teamed up with Geoffrey Squires to compete in the first Canadian Adult Figure Skating Championships being held in Metro Vancouver. In 2006, they entered the ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition and travelled to Oberstdorf, Germany for their first international competition. They have been regular competitors ever since, competing in the gold and master’s ice dance categories.

Diana’s role on the ISU Adult Working Group is to provide input into the ice dancing categories.  She was appointed to the Group in 2010 by Ottavio Cinquanta, President of the ISU. 

Diana’s partner, James Wilkins is also plays a vital role in the ISU Competition – that of official photographer.

Off the ice, Diana operates her own PR Consulting business, The Barkley Communications Group.  Diana has been in public relations and public affairs for more than 25 years.  Her background in journalism included working for daily newspapers (she was the first female sports reporter for the Vancouver Sun) as well as being a writer/editor for a variety of monthly and quarterly magazines. Diana is an active member of several Boards of Directors – from a public television station to a private business club to an international women’s organization.